Integration Platform

Integration is the synchronized orchestration of processes involving data transfer between two or more applications. The SplashBI Integration Platform features a web based, front end designer and scheduling capabilities to ensure your dataiswhere you need it, when you need it! With Smart Data Mapping, and easy to build integrations with drag and drop, you can easily integrate both your On-Premise and Cloud based applications.

realtime reporting

Features include

  • Payload monitoring
  • Real time monitoring with dashboards
  • Mobile application to monitor statuses
  • Notifications on both success and errors
  • Oracle specific components with flow controls
  • On-Premise or on Cloud

Integrations Made Easy!

SplashBI's Integration Platform has an intuitive web-based designer with easy drag and drop functionality to connect your HCM systems. It also has an in browser, and mobile, application to monitor the status of your various integrations with notifications options for both success and errors. Keeping track of your integrations has never been easier!


The SplashBI Integration Platform system is very cost effective;Compare it to the competition and see for yourselves!

Pre-Built Integrations

Many famous and well-known cloud applications are prebuilt into our system.

Health Monitoring

The dashboards will show you the statuses of your integrations whenever you need them.

Building Integrations

Building integrations with the SplashBI Integration Platform is extremely easy, and will exceed your expectations every time!


If you are looking for an extremely user-friendly integrations system, SplashBI is the one for you! Building and running your integrations is fast and easy to do!


SplashBI makes sure to honor the securities of the Cloud systems it is connecting to. The SplashBI Integrations Platform supports all types of authentication, including SSO, SAML, and OAuth.

Integration Details

splashBI-integration platform

Pre-Built Connectors

These pre-built integrations come with the tool and are make integrating these systems simple plug-and-play. Need an integration that isn’t listed below? No problem! Our tool allows for easy creation of new integrations between your Cloud or On-Premise systems.

pre build connectors