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EiS’ XL Connect, with pre-built metadata, enables end users to use Microsoft Excel as a front end for reporting against all Oracle E- Business Applications securely while still maintaining all formatting when refreshing. It also allows users to run and build ad hoc reports and Excel dashboards, all within Microsoft Excel.

Excel Reporting

realtime reporting


Reporting Inside Excel with 100% Oracle security
  • Leverages Oracle E-Business Suite login security
  • Protects existing formatting
  • Access reports based on login credentials.
  • Clean and Filtered Data & Pivot Tables
  • Refresh Reports Easily
  • Ad-Hoc Functionality
  • Create Brand New Reports from scratch
  • Easy to Learn and

Run a report

Users may run reports across areas within the same workbook. For example, if the user is working on reconciliations between Accounts Payable (AP) and the General Ledger (GL), they may run both of their AP reports and their GL reports in the same workbook on separate worksheets. In some cases, the user may also choose to include data from the GL on the same worksheet as data from AP.


Refresh Capability

Once a report has been ran in Microsoft Excel, and the user has formatted the report to their needs, they may protect it to prevent having to re-do the layout in the future. By simply using the “Refresh” function, EiS XL Connect will re-run the report within the existing worksheet and refresh all the data, graphs, headers and any other formatting that has been performed. This all happens while still utilizing Oracle EBS Applications security. This functionality may be applied to one or many worksheets within the workbook.

Distribution & Scheduling

Many times, there are reports that need to run daily, weekly, or even monthly. With XL Connect, users can setup a schedule for the report and have it automatically run as often as they need it. Once the report is scheduled to run, distribution list may be set to a user, email address, or group of users. Now the report that the manager needs every Friday morning can be sitting in their inbox, ready to go while that second cup of coffee can be enjoyed.

Seeded Content

When purchasing from EiS, end users are not just getting a beloved suite of tools; they are also acquiring a wealth of seeded content containing reports across modules and categories. EiS has partnered with many of our clients to develop new and valuable reports that benefit the entire client base.

Years of reporting expertise has allowed EiS to build a library of over 1,300 reports across more than 30 EBS modules. eXpress eliminates one of the frustrations many users have with other seeded EBS content; the inability to easily get the content into the format they need. This is possible by eliminating the need to convert from CSV to Excel which saves valuable time at month-end. Many of the daily reports from Oracle and others that satisfy reporting needs, are available to users in any format from Excel, PDF, HTML, CSV, and more!