Automate Discoverer Migration


Input the amount of simple, medium, and complex Discoverer reports that you run to see how much you can save!

You could save up to:


Discoverer Solution

Front End Tool. Faster Conversion. View a few of the benefits of the EiS Solution.

Discoverer Benifits
  • Modern web interface – HTML5
  • Ability to run reports from Excel
  • Easy to learn
  • EBS integration/responsibility security
  • Build dashboards on migrated business areas (100+ visualizations)
  • Any device – browser/mobile/tablet/ Excel
  • Ability to connect to any database/data sources including cloud systems
  • Scheduling & distribution
  • Multiple output formats
  • Powerful ad-hoc reporting
  • Active directory support
  • In-Memory analytics
  • Data mashups
  • Very affordable

Discoverer to OBIEE

Oracle BI Enterprise Edition tool provides end user ad-hoc capabilities equivalent to Discoverer. EiS OBIEE Connect migration utility is a command line utility that will migrate Discoverer workbook objects, components, joins, and items classes to BI equivalent repository (RPD). Workbook sheets will migrate to BI equivalent answers and dashboards including prompts, columns, conditions, items classes, and sub totals. EiS OBIEE e-Business Suite security model is similar to Discoverer and migrates Discoverer to an OBIEE equivalent.